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     When you think of 3D graphics, you may think of unaffordably expensive, high-end software packages for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.  However, basic 3D effects can often be achieved using software that you may already own, if animation is not a requirement.  You can create some simple 3D graphics without rendering, or with inexpensive rendering software followed by a little fixing up in a raster image (pixel-based graphic) editor.

     This site shows some graphics that I created using several different 3D (and psuedo-3D) techniques.  Some images have more detailed information than others, because I made all of these graphics years ago.  Click the appropriate links to view the images and to learn about how they were made.  Remember, the point of this site is to demonstrate ways that 3D still images can often be produced without pricey 3D software.  You can probably come up with some more techniques on your own with just a little imagination.

     This site uses mostly text links for navigation (none are external).  Where helpful, there are some graphic links consisting of thumbnail images that link to corresponding full-sized images (which will open in a new window).  Note that this site can be navigated in traditional fashion, or as a linear path of links through all site pages and topics (using "previous" and "next" links at bottom of each page).

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