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Logo Over Earth

logo orbiting earth (linked to larger image)

Click to view larger image

     This was a logo experiment (which was eventually used once or twice) I created using Asymmetrix 3Df/x, a renderer that came free with the video board I installed at work, to model and render the scene.

     First, I found a little graphic included with a raster image editing package, depicting a map of the earth.  In a raster editor, land and water texture was added and then clouds were placed over the whole image.  This 2D image would be used both as an image map and as a bump map for the 3D model.

     In Asymmetrix 3Df/x, the background was chosen from those included with the program.  The earth and scene lights were placed next.  Then the blue glass text was created, bent, and positioned.  The image was then rendered, using transparency, shadow, and several levels of reflection.

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