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Post-Processed Fractal Images

     Both of the images discussed on this page were made from the intial three-lobed fractal image.

small fractal pit (linked to larger image)

Click to view larger image

     The pit image was created by combining the first fractal with its own mirror image, using a multiplicative and/or subtractive blending mode so that like colors would darken.  Layering in two successively smaller copies of the resulting image yielded a pit with a greater illusion of depth.

small fractal world (linked to larger image)

Click to view larger image

     The inverted green world was created from the same original "maw" image as the pit.  This time the original image was combined with just one mirror image of itself, using an color-inverting blending mode, which changed the center from mostly orange to mostly green.  The Kai's Power Tools Glass Lens filter could also have been applied to give the image extra roundness.

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