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Menorah with Candles

small lit menorah (linked to larger image)

Click to view larger image

     This image (originally a larger, high-resolution print image) took about an hour and a half to create in Corel Photo-PAINT, but it could be created in any raster image editor, including Photoshop and Painter.  Except for the candle flames, the image was created using nothing but KPT Gradient Designer.  Gradients were applied to different shapes using different settings, but that is all that was needed to create the spiral candles and the menorah itself.

  1. One candle was created (in grayscale) using a linear gradient set to repeat 5 times at an angle.  After blurring the edges of the candle, I copied and pasted the other 8 candles.  Then each candle was tinted to a different color.

  2. The candle holders, arms, body, and base of the menorah were all made by creating a selection of the desired shape and then applying gradients using KPT Gradient Designer.  Some pieces had several gradients applied to the same shape on top of each other, using different settings each time.

  3. The candle flames were created by cutting and blurring a narrow vertical piece from the core of a lens flare (rendered using a built-in effect from Photo-PAINT), copying the flame, and then skewing the individual flame objects to create individual dancing flames, before merging them into the image.

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