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Photo Alteration Samples

  earth as eyeball  

There are many ways to alter photos, but there is no "right" technique to use for every image.  The content of an image (whether outdoors or indoors, scenic or industrial, realistic, fantastic, or surreal) will often determine which techniques are easier to apply, and which are more difficult.


These example images include seven types of photo alteration techniques:

cloning or extending elements already within image

hair extension

removing image elements (by patching samples of background over them)

background removal   |   button text   |   fashion spread   |   patterned ballgown

incorporating elements from several images into one

cat-human hybrid face

scaling an image while minimizing edge blurring

model photo enlargment

fixing the color of a photographic image

fashion color photo   |   product color photo

correction, plus subtraction of unwanted marks or any gaps in image

another fashion ad

combining the techniques above to alter content

"Pets-dot-Mom"   |   famous logo mutated   |   "Crouching Tiger" tai chi instructor   |   altered building photos   |   nonexistent product photo   |   drastic fashion alteration   |   corroded "1984" surface

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