Alteration ("1984" Scan)

     Inspired by the corrupt future of George Orwell's novel, "1984," I scanned that very number from a penny of that year.  The actual object was dirty and had a layer of crud on it, which I thought would look cool, but the best scan I could get (first image) looked far less dramatic (and less legible) than I had imagined it would.  Using Fractal Design (now Corel/procreate) Painter, I used the Apply Surface Texture and Apply Lighting functions to emphasize the 3D characteristics of the image, and to make the nasty surface deposits stand out more.  I also used Photoshop to increase the contrast and to just slightly sharpen the image.  It took a lot of tweaking to get a result (second image) that resembled the dramatic look I had originally envisioned.

original "1984" scan   more corroded "1984"   

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