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Full Index of China Photos (Text Only)

     Just for reference, here is a complete list of all 385 of the photographs I took on my two-week trip, including the 119 that are displayed on this site.  I compiled this index for reference purposes, and to allow other people who went on this same trip to know what I took photos of, in case they wanted to see them or get any prints.  There are no images in the index, but the links below include contents and grading of each exposure on each roll of film I used in China.

roll 1 Shanghai and Yu Yuan Garden

roll 2 more of Yu Yuan Garden

roll 3 Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai, and Hengshan Grand Temple in Nanyue (Hengyang City)

roll 4 more Hengshan Temple and Zhudong Peak

roll 5 Zhudong Peak, temple, and academy

roll 6 food art, Zhushen Temple, and train shots

roll 7 more train shots

roll 8 Yellow Dragon Cave

roll 9 lotion and Zhangjiajie

roll 10 Zhangjiajie, baby, and bugs

roll 11 downtown, museum, White Gold Temple, and park

roll 12 hospital, food, embroidery, lake, Soul's Rest Temple, and tea plantation

roll 13 more tea plantation, tea house and garden, pearls, and Siberia

photo grading criteria

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