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Ingredients in Detail

1/2 lb. meat

An easy meat to use is turkey sausages with the casings removed.  Any meat can be used, but it should be chopped or ground, and then seasoned.

1/2-1 bottle of beer

Any kind of beer should be OK to use, as long as it doesn't overpower the chili.

1 dried habañero pepper

This ingredient adds heat, and is therefore optional.  Fresh habañeros or milder hot peppers (fresh or dried) could be used instead.  Just note that dried hot peppers and seasonings are added before beans, while fresh hot peppers and herbs are put in when hot sauce is added.

1 can black beans

If using dried beans, use about 1 cup dry beans soaked for a few hours.  Different beans could be used instead, if desired.

1 can whole peeled tomatoes

Remove any skin and/or green core parts from tomatoes before adding them.

Any hot sauce

Add to taste.  There are a great variety of bottled hot sauces out there, from mild to fiery hot.  You can even concoct your own!  Remember to be careful, though, since you can always add more hot sauce, but you can't take it back out of your chili once it has been added.

3-4 oz. habañero cheese

Somoma Habañero Jack is great for this.  Cabot Habañero cheddar is super hot, but is perhaps too good to be used just for chili.  Use your favorite hot pepper cheese, or just use cheddar and add more hot stuff to compensate.

1 can artichoke hearts

Use artichoke hearts that are plain and packed in water, not marinated.  These will provide texture and dilute the meat a bit, so the chili is not just a solid mass of meat.  Some alternatives (with different textures) include bamboo shoots, pitted olives, or cubed vidalia onions.

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